Canadian Heavyweight: 206-265 lbs.

Jacob Conliffe and Todd Gouwenberg compete for the inaugural UCC Canadian heavyweight championship.

Jacob Conliffe
Todd Gouwenberg
Submission (rear-naked choke) @ 1:08 of R2
TKO 18: Impact

Universal Combat Challenge re-brands itself as TKO Major League MMA.  The UCC Canadian heavyweight championship is hereby observed as the TKO Canadian heavyweight championship.

The TKO world heavyweight championship and the TKO Canadian heavyweight championship are unified when Jacob Conliffe and Icho Larenas compete for the undisputed TKO heavyweight championship.

Icho Larenas
Jacob Conliffe
TKO (punches) @ 1:38 of R2
TKO 20: Champion vs. Champion

TKO Major League MMA chooses to dissolve the TKO Canadian heavyweight championship.

TKO Major League MMA ceases operations and folds by the end of the 2008 calendar year.

TKO Major League MMA resumes operations in 2016.